Under 17.5 Best & Fairest Final Leaderboards

Irrewarra-Beeac’s Scott McCarney has taken out the Under 17.5 CDFL best and fairest award this evening, claiming the medal by two votes over Birregurra’s Darcy Collins.

McCarney sowed the count up by the second last round, when he polled three best on ground votes.

McCarney’s Irrewarra-Beeac teammate Toby Middleton finished third with 18 votes, when Lorne’s Simon Umbers (18 votes) and Luke Lloyd from Alvie (17 votes) rounded out the top five.

We congratulate all the boys on their seasons. Top 10 and club by club leaderboard’s can be seen below.

TOP 10

Scott McCarney Irrewarra-Beeac 28
Darcy Collins Birregurra 26
Toby Middleton Irrewarra-Beeac 18
Simon Umbers Lorne 18
Luke Lloyd Alvie 17
Reegan Harty Colac Imperials 17
Jack Hookway Simpson 17
Matthew Lloyd Alvie 14
Oscar J Balderas Lorne 14
Tomas O’Farrell Western Eagles 13



Matthew Lloyd Alvie 14
Luke Lloyd Alvie 13
Benjamin Drayton Alvie 11
Josef Loubey Alvie 10
Cullan Spence Alvie 6
Jack Ruddell Alvie 6
Kade Parker Alvie 5
Jacob Miraglia Alvie 3
Keenan Hickey Alvie 3
Daniel Demasi Alvie 2
Samuel Mahoney Alvie 2
Samuel Parker Alvie 2
Clay Jenkin Alvie 1
Houston James Walters Apollo Bay 7
Dylan Murnane Apollo Bay 3
Zoli Murray Apollo Bay 3
Cameron Potter Apollo Bay 2
Campbell Mckenzie Apollo Bay 2
Rip Ballinger Apollo Bay 1
Darcy Collins Birregurra 19
Nick Arnold Birregurra 7
Lachlan Cashman Birregurra 6
Mac Armistead Birregurra 6
Will Wheadon Birregurra 3
Benjamin Macfarlane Birregurra 2
Felix Drummond Birregurra 2
Mikyle Tupene Birregurra 2
Regan Miller Birregurra 2
Luke Gittings Birregurra 1
Reegan Harty Colac Imperials 14
Deakin Carmichael Colac Imperials 10
Bailey Scott Colac Imperials 9
Luke O’Shannassy Colac Imperials 7
Brodie Smith Colac Imperials 5
Samuel Hynes Colac Imperials 4
Rhyley Edge Colac Imperials 3
Ryan Finn Colac Imperials 1
Scott McCarney Irrewarra-Beeac 25
Toby Middleton Irrewarra-Beeac 15
Edward Dexter Irrewarra-Beeac 7
Thomas Zampatti Irrewarra-Beeac 7
Edward Riordan Irrewarra-Beeac 4
Charlie Grist Irrewarra-Beeac 1
Rhys Garner Irrewarra-Beeac 1
Thomas Ennor Irrewarra-Beeac 1
Simon Umbers Lorne 15
Oscar J Balderas Lorne 11
Liam McCauley Lorne 10
Liam Turner Lorne 7
Clem Matthews Lorne 4
Henry Coates Lorne 2
Callum Norton Lorne 1
Gabriel DeLima Lorne 1
Justin Pimentel Lorne 1
Jim Abraham Otway Districts 12
Jasper Coutts Otway Districts 8
Max Koczak Otway Districts 1
Jack Hookway Simpson 14
Rohan Johns Simpson 7
Brett Robbins Simpson 6
Mitchell Gristede Simpson 5
Sam Cole Simpson 5
Archie Rial Simpson 4
Brayden Hawkes Simpson 4
Jake Robbins Simpson 4
Lochie Hawkins Simpson 4
Joshua Worboys Simpson 3
Ryleigh Mcvilly Simpson 2
Ben Vicary South Colac 5
Jack Foley South Colac 5
Aaron Clissold South Colac 4
Aidan Barrow South Colac 4
Nicholas Broomfield South Colac 2
Rudi Garner South Colac 2
Tyler Manson South Colac 2
Zach Downard South Colac 2
Sebastian Hay South Colac 1
Tomas O’Farrell Western Eagles 13
Alex Lockhart Western Eagles 4
Jesse Robbins Western Eagles 4
Christopher Boyd Western Eagles 3
Sean Carbury Western Eagles 3
George Bolton Western Eagles 2
Max Skinner Western Eagles 2
Oliver McGuane Western Eagles 1
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