Three-Way Tie for CDFL Under 14.5 Best & Fairest

A tight and tense vote count has culminated in Trent Blake (Colac Imperials), Jack Barber (Irrewarra-Beeac) and Liam Brewer (South Colac) all finishing on 27 votes to have three joint winners of the U/14.5 best and fairest.

Blake lead going into the final vote by just one vote from Brewer, but didn’t poll in the last match while Brewer (one vote) and Barber (2 votes) both did to tie things up.

Alvie’s Tom Hanson finished on 26 votes, and Noah Allen from Birregurra finished on 23 votes to round out the top 5.

Congratulations to all boys on their season. Top 10 and club-by-club votes are listed below.

TOP 10

Trent Blake Colac Imperials 27
Jack Barber Irrewarra-Beeac 27
Liam Brewer South Colac 27
Thomas Hanson Alvie 26
Noah Allen Birregurra 23
Campbell Scott Colac Imperials 23
Liam Cannon Apollo Bay 22
Elijah Reid Western Eagles 22
James Fouracre Birregurra 18
Ryley Walker Irrewarra-Beeac 15


Thomas Hanson Alvie 26
Tyler Cox Alvie 9
William Ruddell Alvie 5
Zander Hickey Alvie 4
Beau Jenkin Alvie 3
Jackson Roache Alvie 3
Angus Hagart Alvie 2
Harry Carmody Alvie 2
Jensen Monaghan Alvie 2
Kade Fowler Alvie 2
Micah Robb Alvie 2
Zain Hawkins-Bartlett Alvie 2
Liam Cannon Apollo Bay 22
Judah O’Donnell Apollo Bay 11
Joel Cooper Apollo Bay 3
Leon Jelonek Apollo Bay 2
Zachary Clissold Apollo Bay 1
Noah Allen Birregurra 23
James Fouracre Birregurra 18
Zachary Kurzman Birregurra 14
Liam Cunnington Birregurra 9
Archer Drummond Birregurra 5
Shaun Armistead Birregurra 5
Austin Arnold Birregurra 2
Braeden Kurzman Birregurra 2
Jeramiah Zdybel Birregurra 2
Patrick Wheadon Birregurra 2
Toby Permezel Birregurra 2
Archie Hanlon Birregurra 1
Jackson Learey Birregurra 1
Trent Blake Colac Imperials 27
Campbell Scott Colac Imperials 23
Riley Angove Colac Imperials 8
Tyler George Colac Imperials 6
Brayden O’Reilly Colac Imperials 4
Jack McGee Colac Imperials 4
Jay-Dee Baines Colac Imperials 3
Liam Vesey Colac Imperials 3
Ryan Malone Colac Imperials 2
Jack Barber Irrewarra-Beeac 27
Ryley Walker Irrewarra-Beeac 15
Thomas Swayn Irrewarra-Beeac 13
Liam McMahon Irrewarra-Beeac 12
Rupert McDonald Irrewarra-Beeac 3
Liam McCullagh Irrewarra-Beeac 2
Luke Frith Irrewarra-Beeac 2
campbell hall Irrewarra-Beeac 1
Danny Leeson Irrewarra-Beeac 1
Louis Coates Lorne 7
Harvey Atwell Lorne 6
Fraser Balderas Lorne 5
Kai Enticott Lorne 4
Vilnis Medenis Lorne 1
Matthew Wyld Otway Districts 9
Frankey Farnes Otway Districts 4
Zavier Hunt Otway Districts 2
Brad Killgallon Otway Districts 1
Joshua Garner Otway Districts 1
Ryan Harriott Otway Districts 1
Tom Gillett Otway Districts 1
Noah Ackerley Simpson 12
Angus Hawkes Simpson 9
Tanner Fratantaro Simpson 7
Sam Rial Simpson 4
Cooper Comer Simpson 3
Harrison Whiting Simpson 3
Lachlan Gass Simpson 3
Benjaman Hookway Simpson 2
Peter Bell Simpson 1
Liam Brewer South Colac 27
Jai Johnson South Colac 11
Riley Mahoney South Colac 9
Sebastian Hay South Colac 6
Benjamin Scoble South Colac 5
Isaiah Harrington South Colac 3
Mason Genua South Colac 1
Elijah Reid Western Eagles 22
Luke Fish Western Eagles 15
James Lockhart Western Eagles 5
Connor Carson Western Eagles 3
Angus Connoley Western Eagles 1
Joseph O’Farrell Western Eagles 1
Leopold Scott Western Eagles 1
Saul Kavenagh Western Eagles 1
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