BFL and GFL Fixtures Updated

Unfortunately Queen’s Park will not be available to host matches in the first half of the season due to unforeseen delays in renovation work. This has lead to a necessity in having to amend the schedule to following:

Round 2 – Geelong Amateur vs Ocean Grove to be played at Newtown & Chilwell Football Ground (Elderslie Reserve).

Round 4 – Geelong Amateur vs Queenscliff to be played at Queenscliff. Return match Round 13 to be played at Queen’s Park

Round 6 – Geelong Amateur vs Drysdale to be played at Drysdale. Return match Round 14 to be played at Queen’s Park

Round 8 – Geelong Amateur vs Torquay which was to be a Sunday game is proposed to be played on Saturday 8th July at Geelong Amateurs. (TBC)

A pdf copy of the fixtures can be found below.

2017 GFL Fixture

2017 BFL Fixture

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