Barwon Heads Star win’s Premier Division Medal

Barwon Heads wing attack and playing coach Olivia Wilson has won the 2017 Premier Division BFNL Netball Best and Fairest polling 29 votes, 3 clear of Torquay defender Jessica Standfield.

Wilson has had an outstanding year, polling in 11 matches, and taking home the 3 votes in 7 of those matches. Her strength and pace has seen Barwon Heads secure a Semi Final berth in this season’s finals series.

Congratulations Olivia!

See the top 10 leader board and club by club leader boards below.

Top 10 Leader Board

Wilson, Olivia Barwon Heads 29
Standfield, Jessica Torquay 26
Berridge, Lauren Torquay 21
Lapsley, Lauren Modewarre 20
O’Kane, Breda Geelong Amateur 19
Guilmartin, Keisha Geelong Amateur 19
Du Plessis, Tania Portarlington 17
Harwood, Romy Geelong Amateur 16
Dangerfield, Bethany Anglesea 15
Martin, Kim Modewarre 15

Club by Club Leader Boards

Dangerfield, Bethany Anglesea 15
Weichert, Justine Anglesea 6
Connolly, Brooke Anglesea 5
Rice, Elle Anglesea 3
Rice, Tess Anglesea 3
Stephens, Isabella Anglesea 3
Mcginness, Emma Anglesea 3
Kerr, Lucy Anglesea 1
Allan, Imogen Anglesea 1
Wilson, Olivia Barwon Heads 29
Ball, Jacqui Barwon Heads 12
Jones, Perri Barwon Heads 8
Ball, Caitlin Barwon Heads 7
Mitchell, Julia Barwon Heads 5
Ruggles, Elise Barwon Heads 3
Leahy, Maggie Barwon Heads 2
Mazzella, Natalie Barwon Heads 2
Kennedy, Hannah Drysdale Football Netball Club 11
Deeath, Millie Drysdale Football Netball Club 7
Foot, Anna Drysdale Football Netball Club 5
Allwright, Emma Drysdale Football Netball Club 4
Wilkens, Elizabeth Drysdale Football Netball Club 3
Laws, Pru Drysdale Football Netball Club 2
O’Kane, Breda Geelong Amateur 19
Guilmartin, Keisha Geelong Amateur 19
Harwood, Romy Geelong Amateur 16
Ford, Sharon Geelong Amateur 13
Barlow, Maisie Geelong Amateur 3
Post, Carly Geelong Amateur 3
Matheson, Ally Geelong Amateur 3
Edwards, Claire Geelong Amateur 2
O’Kane, Maeve Geelong Amateur 1
Lapsley, Lauren Modewarre 20
Martin, Kim Modewarre 15
Tennant, Zoe Modewarre 9
McClelland, Laura Modewarre 9
McCooke, Elise Modewarre 9
Vickers, Kathryn Modewarre 8
Kelly, Jessica Modewarre 5
Crow, Jess Modewarre 3
Gunning, Sarah Modewarre 2
Fitzgerald, Kaytlyn Newcomb Power 5
Degoldi, Katrina Newcomb Power 2
Vernon, Sophie Newcomb Power 2
Vercher, Lucinda Ocean Grove 11
Hobbs, Olivia Ocean Grove 9
Teague-Neeld, Lucy Ocean Grove 9
Howard, Elyse Ocean Grove 8
Parker, Candice Ocean Grove 8
Heard, Elley Ocean Grove 6
Ollis, Kelsey Ocean Grove 3
Middleton, Abbey Ocean Grove 3
Britt, Claudia Ocean Grove 2
Moroney, Emily Ocean Grove 2
Griffin, Jessica Ocean Grove 1
Hoiles, Dannie Ocean Grove 1
Du Plessis, Tania Portarlington 17
White, Emma Portarlington 7
Bull, Candice Portarlington 7
Dyer, Lisa Portarlington 6
Wadley, Deanna Portarlington 6
Sgambaro, Vanessa Portarlington 5
Rainbow, Kelsie Portarlington 5
Barton, Rachael Portarlington 3
Rothery, Jenni Portarlington 2
Gillies, Dani Portarlington 2
Bower, Danielle Portarlington 2
Maher, Josie Queenscliff 9
Bowers, Ruby Queenscliff 7
Upstill, Tess Queenscliff 6
Daws, Katrina Queenscliff 4
Clifton, Madelaine Queenscliff 4
Hedley, Luci Queenscliff 3
Stephens, Hannah Queenscliff 3
Gladman, Kaitlin Queenscliff 1
Young, Olivia Queenscliff 1
Standfield, Jessica Torquay 26
Berridge, Lauren Torquay 21
Warnes, Joanne Torquay 7
Hooiveld, Angelique Amy Torquay 3
Trenerry, Rebecca Torquay 3
Martin, Madeline Torquay 2
Moerenhout, Erin Torquay 2
Trewin, Krystin Torquay 2
Harris, Sonia Torquay 2
Card, Teegan Torquay 1

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