AFL Victoria Bushfire Relief


Like all Australians, AFL Barwon was shocked to see the horrific bushfires devastate communities around our nation this summer. Leagues and regions across the state were canvassed following the destruction caused by the fires as to the possibility of a local state-wide Bushfire Relief round.

Whilst there was plenty of energy and ideas in both the AFL Barwon region and across the state as to how best we could support the bushfire relief, AFL Victoria deemed there wasn’t sufficient support to run a state-wide round.

AFL Victoria Country Football Manager Sophie Williams said,

“Whilst there were a number of positive responses to this proposal, there was also a number of leagues who identified they were already pursuing other opportunities to support, as were their clubs. As such there wasn’t sufficient support to run a state-wide coordinated round.”

Many clubs in our region have already supported relief efforts, and some others are in the process of doing so in the coming weeks. AFL Barwon commends all clubs for supporting the bushfire relief in any way they can and are happy to promote any of these efforts if required through our Media Platforms.

The AFL has created a Community Relief Fund with an initial $1.5m donation to support local communities in fire affected areas to repair and rebuild their football clubs. If anyone wishes to donate to the fund, they can HERE.

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