2017 Bethany Cup- Giving Family Violence the Boot

Tomorrow marks the second annual Bethany Cup match between Geelong Amateurs and Torquay. The Bethany Cup aims to spread the message that there’s absolutely no place for family violence in our community.

AFL Barwon is proud to be a supporter of the joint initiative that was set up between Bethany Community Support, Geelong Umpires and the two clubs in tomorrow’s matches.

The aim of the Bethany Cup is to start conversations about family violence and respectful relationships, as well as raising public awareness of the services that Bethany offers, especially its family violence support services. As a follow on to that, the Bethany Cup aims to encourage the role and participation of women and girls in football, and break down gender stereotypes.

Players and officials from both sides will be wearing coloured arm bands to mark the occasion, and female goal and boundary umpires will be officiating the match.

Grant Boyd, the CEO of Bethany says the Bethany Cup is an opportunity for the football community to start conversations about family violence and gender inequality.

“It’s not always comfortable to talk about family violence, but it’s an issue of huge prevalence and it needs to discussed,” Mr Boyd says.

“Through initiatives such as the Bethany Cup we have an opportunity to bring the issue of family violence and gender inequality to the community’s attention and start those important conversations.”

“We know that the root cause of family violence is gender inequality, so this is also an opportunity to reinforce the message that there is a place for girls and women to participate fully in all aspects of community life – including on the footy field.”

Bethany provides a range of services for women and children who are affected by family violence and for men who use violence. You can call Bethany on (03) 5278 8122 or visit

Metricon and Patrick Rowan & Associates are proud to support the Bethany Cup.

“It’s not always comfortable to talk about family violence, but it’s an issue of huge prevalence and it needs to discussed”- Grant Boyd, Bethany CEO


Statistics on impact of family violence:

  • One in four Australian women (since the age of 15 years) have experienced intimate partner violence
  • One woman is killed in Australia by a partner or ex-partner almost every week
  • Three women are hospitalised each week in Australia with traumatic brain injury caused by their partner or ex-partner
  • Violence against women cost the Australian economy $21.7b in 2015
  • Children are present in 1 out of every 3 family violence cases reported to police



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