AFL Barwon Tribunal

AFL Barwon Tribunal

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Jake BalackiNorth GeelongSeniors05/05/2018Engaging in Rough ConductSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Kieran McNallyOcean GroveSeniors05/05/2018Engaging in Rough ConductSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Bradley SinkonsonSt Albans/Newtown & ChilwellUnder 1905/05/2018Carelessly StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Brad WattsBannockburnSeniors05/05/2018Using Obscene LanguageChallenged Set Penalty at TribunalReprimand
Bobby GriffithsEast GeelongSeniors29/04/2018Intentionally StrikingReferred to Tribunal2 matches
Heidi UwlandBell Post HillSenior Women’s29/04/2018KickingReferred to Tribunal1 match suspended to end of season 2018
Mackenzie BurnsTorquaySeniors28/04/2018Intentionally StrikingReferred to Tribunal2 matches
Joshua CarkeekGeelong WestSeniors28/04/2018Carelessly StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Michael LeamerGeelong WestSeniors28/04/2018Forceful Front On ContactReferred to Tribunal2 matches
Riley KershawSt Joseph’sSeniors25/04/2018Carelessly StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Jacob WilsonDrysdaleSeniors25/04/2018Carelessly StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Bayley CockerillLaraSeniors22/04/2018Disputing a Decision of an UmpireSet Penalty Offered1 match
Jack SilkstoneEast GeelongUnder 1722/04/2018Engaging in Rough ConductSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Andrew ChallisCorioSeniors21/04/2018StrikingChallenged Set Penalty at TribunalCharge Not Sustained
Daniel FreemanThomsonSeniors21/04/2018Attempting to StrikeChallenged Set Penalty at TribunalCase Dismissed
Bradley HuhnThomsonSeniors21/04/2018Intentionally StrikingReferred to Tribunal6 matches
Nathan JohnsonWerribee CentralsSeniors21/04/2018Intentionally StrikingChallenged Set Penalty at Tribunal1 match
Joel LadlowNewcombSeniors21/04/2018Carelessly StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Nicholas MiljevicNorth ShoreReserves21/04/2018Conduct UnbecomingReferred to Tribunal8 matches
Wayne NyiethCorioUnder 1921/04/2018Intentionally StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Jonathan SimpkinColacSeniors21/04/2018Intentionally StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Mitch DayGeelong AmateurSeniors14/04/2018Carelessly StrikingSet Penalty Offered1 match
Patrick KnottBell ParkSeniors14/04/2018Forceful Front On ContactSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Christopher KoutzamanisWerribee CentralsSeniors14/04/2018Abusive Language Towards or in Relation to an UmpireSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Beau McNamaraBell Post HillSeniors7/04/2018Intentionally StrikingSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Aaron NesbittTorquaySeniors7/04/2018Forceful Front On ContactSet Penalty Offered2 matches
Kieran McNallyOcean GroveSeniors31/03/2018Engaging in Rough ConductSet Penalty2 matches
Tevan NofiDrysdaleSeniors24/03/2018Forceful Front On ContactReferred to Tribunal1 match suspended to end of home and away season 2018
Tevan NofiDrysdaleSeniors24/03/2018Rough ConductReferred to Tribunal2 matches
Jarrah WilsonCorioUnder 16 Div 306/08/2016Conduct UnbecomingTribunal Rehearing from 06/09/20165 matches. 2 matches suspended to end of 2018
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