Torquay Home in a Thriller

On Saturday Drysdale held the 2016 BFNL Grand Finals.

The A grade game was a test of fitness and determination coming down to a goal the difference in the final seconds. Torquay proved to be too strong leading the entire game, they lead 25-17 going in to the final quarter where Geelong Amateurs stood up and made a great comeback shooting 13 goals in the last quarter to Torquay’s 6.

Geelong Amateurs’ Casey Taylor came on in wing defence at half time with an almost game changing performance, taking numerous intercepts and completing lifting her team. Kate Schippers also replaced Rachel Leader at half time adding some experience into the goal circle with Breda O’Kane.

The game was physical, intense and the crowd was loud, it was a day to play basic netball and not get sucked in by the crowd’s roar. That is where Torquay showed class and experience as a team not to crack under pressure. They played great netball across the entire court. Sonia Harris held her own in goal keeper coming in as a late inclusion to Torquay’s starting line up with Anna Masek tearing her ACL in the previous weeks preliminary final.

Torquay’s Goal defence Jessica Standfield was named best on court with a stand out performance.

A grade Torquay 31 def Geelong Amateurs 30

B Grade Geelong Amateurs 44 def Ocean Grove 36

C Grade Geelong Amateur 27 def Torquay 18

D Grade Geelong Amateur 29 def Modewarre 18

19 & Under Torquay 32 def Drysdale 22

17 & Under Div 1 Ocean Grove 33 def Drysdale 23

17 & Under Div 2 Anglesea 34 def Barwon Heads 28

15 & Under div 1 Ocean Grove 26 def Queenscliff 22

15 & Under div 2 Ocean Grove 21 def Torqauy 20

13 & Under div 1 Barwon Heads 32 def Ocean Grove 31

13 & Under div 2 Torquay 17 def Ocean Grove 14

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