Salary Cap & Player Points Breach


Several clubs have been sanctioned under the Player Payment Rule (Salary Cap) and Players Points System (PPS) by the AFL Barwon Commission.

5 AFL Barwon clubs have been sanctioned $500 fully suspended until the end of 2018 for failing to lodge the player budget and/or player contracts as per the Player Payment Rule

Following education in the off season as well as notice given up to and beyond the due dates for lodgement some clubs failed to lodge the required documents correctly.

To be clear these breaches are of a procedural nature under rule 4 c i under the Player Payment Rule and are not breaches of player payments.

Also, another club has been fined $2,000 for breaching the Player Points System (PPS) this fine is also fully suspended until the end of 2018.

In this case it was determined by the Commission that this breach was not intentional, however still contravened the policy and came about when a player withdrew on match day and was replaced by another player whose points had not been clarified/approved before playing, had the team also won on the day, the match points would have been removed

All clubs have accepted their sanctions and The Commission hopes that all clubs adhere to both the policies fully into the future and request clarification where needed.

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