Russell’s a record breaker

23 June 2016

This week we give a massive congratulations to umpire Russell Adams, who this weekend breaks all kind of records as he officiates his 1500th game with the CDFUA.

Russell played senior football throughout the 1960s with Geelong West FC and Warrnambool FC. After his playing career he then went on to coaching football, where he coached Narranda South FC, East Warrnambool FC and Russels Creek FC.

In the early 1970s his coaching career came to an end, which is when he turned to football umpiring. He first started umpiring for a short stint with Riddles Creek umpires, before relocating to Colac and joining the Colac Umpires. 

In those days, the CDFUA covered field umpires for all games – juniors, reserves and seniors. There was only one field umpire per game and there were no appointed Boundary or Goal umpires in any game. The clubs were responsible for providing their own. Russell remembers enjoying when the two-field umpire system first was introduced, because you had a mate out there with you, rather than being on your own.

Injury caught up with him during the 1990s where regular senior field umpiring became too much strain. It was then he decided he would continue field umpiring in the juniors, but switched to goal umpiring in seniors.

Russell’s 1500 games are made up of approximately 1100 field games and 400 goals. Nowadays, Russell continues solely as a goal umpire. Although he has proven he isn’t past it entirely, when he filled in earlier this year as a senior field umpire in a one-off game to help out during a shortage of numbers.

Off the field, Russell has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in umpiring. He currently serves as the CDFUA administrator, he was awarded Life Membership of the CDFUA in 1989, awarded the decorated CDFUA Peter Clarke Memorial in 2012 and was recognised with a services to Victorian Football Award at the MCG in 2010.

This is such an amazing achievement. We thank you and say congratulations, Russell.

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