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Football Salary Cap and Points System Resources


Player Points System Policy – 2019

2020 AFL Barwon Local PPS By Laws

Standard Player Declaration

Player Payment Rules Guidelines-2018 BFL GFL

Player Payment Rules Guidelines-2018 CDFNL GDFL

Club Budget – Final Player Payment Declaration Template with Formula

AFL Victoria Best Practice for APP – Final

Club Non Contracted Player Statement – BFNL & GFNL

Club Non Contracted Player Statement – CDFNL & GDFL

Community Club Sustainability – Player Payment Rule – Final


Football Transfer Paperwork


AFL Vic Registration Form

Transfer Withdrawal Form

Transfer Refusal Form

Student Living Away From Home Permit Form

Family Permit Form

AFL Victoria Country Notice of Appeal Form

Intention to Oppose Appeal Defending Clubs Form

AFL Victoria Country Appeal Form


AFL Barwon Female Football


AFL Barwon Senior Women’s Football Competition Rules


Football Policies


National Player Registration and Transfer Regulations – February 2020

Junior Coaches Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

Parents & Spectators Code of Conduct

Senior Coaches Code of Conduct

National Player and Official Deregistration Policy – February 2020

National Age Dispensation Policy

National Age Dispensation Policy – Application Template

AFL Victoria Vilification Policy

AFL Barwon Cyber Safety Policy

AFL VIC Gender Regulation Policy

AFL Anti-Doping Code

AFL Trainers Policy

AFL Victoria Infectious Diseases Policy

AFL Victoria Alcohol Management

AFL Victoria Smoke Free Policy

Concussion Management

AFL Victoria Extreme Weather Policy

AFL Victoria Quality Of Air Club Advice


Junior Football Policies


2020 AFL Barwon Junior Match Guide


Netball Policies



Netball Australia 2016 New Rules

Netball Australia Pregnancy in Netball Policy


Netball Salary Cap and Points System Resources


AFL Barwon Netball Player Points System Policy

2020 AFL Barwon Local PPS By Laws

AFL Barwon Netball Points System Flowchart

Application for Points Reassessment – Player Template

Netball Application for Points Reassessment – Team Template

Netball Budget Spreadsheet Template

Netball Player Payment Rule

Netball Player Payment Rules Guideline

Netball Standard Player Declaration


Child Safeguarding Policy and Resources


Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Safeguarding Children and Young People_Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Children and Young People – Reporting Procedure

Safeguarding Children and Young People – Commitment

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