Leopold FNC Lends Helping Hand

Leopold Football and Netball Club have struck up a generous initiative to look after their own members, as they look to ‘pay it forward’ in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every Tuesday and Thursday starting this week, the Leopold senior football playing group will offer assistance to their aged, unwell and vulnerable members by assisting them with purchase, collection and delivery of essential goods, like food and medicine.

“We caught up as a leadership group last Thursday, and we identified areas where we could try and keep the group engaged together,” leadership group member David Morris explained. “At that stage there hadn’t been the restrictions put on around social gatherings, so we planned ahead sort of to when we can’t get all 60 blokes together in one place.”

Morris said once the call went out to the playing group, all 60 senior players put their hands up to help out where they could. Players will now go out after 5pm on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and weekends, in place of training which has been postponed along with games due to the COVID-19 virus.

“Two of our trademarks are humble and respectful, and we’ve really tried to push to the playing group that it’s not just us 60 people,” Morris said. “There are a significant amount of others who are involved in our footy club that make things run, whether that’s sponsors or just members. By doing this, it reiterates to the boys that we are assisting people who assist us a playing group. It’s that whole idea of giving back.”

Morris’ experience working as a paramedic was a driver in the initiative, which he hopes more clubs around the AFL Barwon community can follow.

“I get to see some of the more vulnerable community members so I flagged that we could help out the elderly or less fortunate members of the footy club in any way we could,” he said. “At this stage it will literally be a couple of guys in a car with pre-organised destinations carrying groceries or filling in a script for someone at the local chemist. Anything like that will assist over the next couple of months with the social isolation in place. Realistically, everyone needs to be on board and we’re in a lucky position where we’re healthy and young and we won’t exhibit as many symptoms, so if we can help out our community that’s our goal.”

Leopold players will travel inside the club’s heartland and down as far as Curlewis to assist their members. If you know a Leopold FNC member who needs assistance during these times, you can contact Jason Tom on 0423 367 842, or comment directly on the Leopold Facebook post.

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