‘Just Think’ Program Reaches 10 Years

This year sees the 10th anniversary of the Just Think alcohol education program, and AFL Barwon in collaboration with the Geelong Cats are proud partners of the decade long initiative.

The Just Think campaign continues aims to raise awareness and provide education around the misuse of alcohol and responsible drinking while highlighting the consequences of alcohol fuelled violence on young people and their loved ones.

Just Think commenced in 2008 with then Geelong captain Tom Harley, James Kelly and David Wojcinski as ambassadors. Now, current Cats stars Cam Guthrie, Zac Smith and Mitch Duncan are continuing to preach the Just Think message.

“Ten years on and the issue of alcohol fuelled violence remains prevalent in our community and as ‘Just Think’ ambassadors, Cam Guthrie, Zac Smith and I are passionate about putting a stop to it,” says Duncan.

“We all need to ‘Just Think’ before things get out of hand”.

AFL Barwon is passionate about continuing to deliver the powerful message. This Saturday, the GFL match between Bell Park and Newtown at Hamlyn Park will act as the centre point for the local football push, but the campaign is not just limited to that game. Across all Geelong Football League games, Bellarine Football League and Geelong and District Football League, the Just Think program will be spread across 36 local clubs across Geelong this weekend, to maximize the message to many more families across the region.

The initiative culminates a day later on Sunday with the Geelong vs Fremantle match at Simonds Stadium. It will be the ninth time the match has been conducted. Umpires will wave orange flags, the players’ warm up gear is an orange kit, will run through a banner promoting the event, and players will wear orange banded socks. Across all GFL matches too, the ‘Footy Flyer’ will be coated in orange in further support of Just Think.

AFL Barwon supports the strong Just Think message and looks forward to continuing the partnership in years to come.


Just Think Statistics

  • 94% of students who took part in the Just Think schools program reported that they had learnt something new
  • 100% of students reported they would know what to do if “something went wrong” at a party
  • 34% of students rated the day as “very good” or “excellent


We would like to proudly thank our

Official AFL Barwon Partners