Junior Interleague Review- Football & Netball

A look through a successful junior Interleague carnival this week, as young boys and girls from throughout our region took on AFL Goldfields in both football and netball, as AFL Barwon retained the Bob Davis Trophy.



AFL Barwon- 4.11 (35)
AFL Goldfields  2.3 (15)

Best on ground- Charlie Valelonga (St Mary’s)

The youngest crop of AFL Barwon prodigy’s got past AFL Goldfields despite some inaccuracies. Geelong had 3.9 up to 3/4 time, before finishing with 4.11. This was largely cancelled out however by a stingy defense, which kept Goldfields scoreless in the first term and only allowing two goals for the entire game.

GOALS- AFL Barwon :
Billy Dawson 3, Max Buchanan 1

AFL Goldfields :
Jordan Barnes 1, Tynon Oakley 1

BEST- AFL Barwon :
Charlie Vallelonga, Charles Nelson, Oscar Dowling, Billy Dawson, Zeph Lamperd, Cameron Jones

AFL Goldfields :
Aiden Brien, Jake Ashmore, Ethan York, Kane Sullivan, Felix Fogaty, Daniel Stubbs



AFL Goldfields 7.4 (46)
AFL Barwon 6.5 (41)

Best on ground- Indy Parish (Grovedale)

A fantastic contest between the Under 14 teams, resulting in a close fought 5 point win for Goldfields. The lead interchanged throughout the day, with either team holding the lead at the first two changes. It was AFL Goldfields who did enough however to hold on at the final siren.

GOALS- AFL Goldfields:
Charlie Molan 2, Josh Goater 2, Liam Goodfellow 1, Samuel Evans 1, Daniel Guarnaccia 1

AFL Barwon:
Joel Edwards 3, Alistar O’Donnell 1, Tom Dickinson 1, Tom Schulze 1

BEST- AFL Goldfields:
Jack Newitt, Sam Broadbent, Charlie Molan, Harry Manders, Cooper Shoebridge, Blake Scott

AFL Barwon:
Indiana Parish, Tom Dickinson, Jak Tute, Cooper Whyte, Mitchell Knevitt, Cooper Murphy



AFL Barwon 7.5 (47)
AFL Goldfields 5.9 (39)

Best on ground- Charlie Harris (Newtown)

A stirring final quarter led AFL Barwon to victory in the Under 16 fixture. Trailing by five points at 3/4 time, AFL Barwon slammed on four goals to claim a fantastic victory in a seesawing contest.

GOALS, AFL Barwon :
Darcy Chirgwin 2, Will Batson 1, Jay Dahlhaus 1, Charlie Harris 1, Nicholas Conway 1, Ben Miller 1

AFL Goldfields :
Benjamin Radford 1, Riley Matricardi 1, Liam Phillips 1, Angus McKinna 1

BEST, AFL Barwon :
Charlie Harris, Jacob Watson, Jack Mullen, Toby Bennett, Jay Dahlhaus, Lachlan Smith

AFL Goldfields :
Bailey Cossar, Lachlan Phillips, Riley Polkinghorne, Bailey Mawson, Mitchell Phillips, Riely Ranieri



AFL Barwon 10.8 (68)
AFL Goldfields 5.4 (34)

Best on ground- Charlotte Simpson (St Joseph’s)

The under 15 girls were too good for their AFL Goldfields counterparts, kicking a big score of 10.8.64 to win the game by 34 points. The AFL Barwon defense allowed the attacking side of the game to flourish, only conceding two goals for the entire first half while kicking six themselves.

GOALS- AFL Barwon:
Jarrah Hecker 3, Kara Stacey 2, Lucy Were 2, Gabbi Featherston 1, Ella Mahoney 1, Daisy O’Kane 1

AFL Goldfields Youth Girls:
Tahlia Meier 2, Codi Boyer 1, Miranda Holden 1, Grace Krstev 1

BEST- AFL Barwon:
Charlotte Simpson, Jarrah Hecker, Laura Gardiner, Tess Craven, Taiya Morrow, Jerusha Devarakonda

AFL Goldfields Youth Girls:
Georgia Joynson, Tahlia Meier, Chloe Leonard, Melina Ciavarella, Jemima Woods, Jamie-Lee Speakman



AFL Barwon 11.11 (77)
AFL Goldfields 7.4 (46)

Best on ground- Abbey Chapman (Geelong West Giants)

A strong final quarter led the under 18 AFL Barwon girls to victory in the final game of the carnival. In control for the majority of the contest, AFL Barwon trailed by two points at 3/4 time, before slamming on three goals, while vitally keeping AFL Goldfields scoreless to claim the win.

GOALS- AFL Barwon:
Madeline Chandler 4, Hayley Boehm 3, Paige Sheppard 2, Laura Ryan 1, Tarryn Love 1

AFL Goldfields Youth Girls:
Nekaela Butler 3, Jade McIntyre 2, Ella Wood 1, Meghan Wik 1

BEST- AFL Barwon:
Abbey Chapman, Paris Sharp, Tarryn Love, Sachi DeGiacomi, Amy Gorell, Madeline Chandler

AFL Goldfields Youth Girls:
Lauren Butler, Ella Wood, Katie McAloon, Nekaela Butler, Ayesha Nicholson, Emmerson Hitch



Geelong FNL: 32
Ballarat FNL: 21

GFNL: Charlotte Murray (21), Lucy Camm (5), Tegan Line (6)
Ballarat FNL: Laura O’Connor (10), Milly Simpson (6), Milly Sharp (3)

Geelong FNL: Amelia Holland
Ballarat FNL: Laura O’Connor



Geelong FNL: 37
Ballarat FNL: 26

GFNL: Tess Campigli (22), Zara Walters (2), Emma Walters (13)
Ballarat FNL: Ava Stephens (1), Lily Francis (9), Lavinia Fox (16)

Geelong FNL: Emma Walters
Ballarat FNL: Lavinia Fox



Geelong FNL: 25
Riddell District FNL: 40

GFNL: Paige Elliott (11), Isabelle Bartlett (7), Sophie Robison (7)
Riddell District FNL: Shelby Holter (25), Sharna Ford (15)

Geelong FNL: Isabelle Bartlett
Riddell District FNL: Shelby Holter

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