Grubber takes out Division 3

The winner of the 2017 Division 3 BFNL netball Best and Fairest is Kylie Collett from Ocean Grove on 29 votes. Collett polled 3 votes in each of the last 3 rounds to pip fellow defender, Sheree Gotts from Modewarre who finished on 28 votes.

Collett polled in 11 matches, and took home the 3 votes on an impressive 8 occasions.

Congratulations Kylie!

See the top 10 leader board and club by club leader boards below.

Top 10 Leader Board

Collett, Kylie Ocean Grove 29
Gotts, Sheree Modewarre 28
Garner, Sarah Geelong Amateur 21
Payne, Georgia Queenscliff 16
Brennan, Grace Geelong Amateur 16
Anderson, Jess Queenscliff 14
Bumpstead, Amy Torquay 14
Cameron, Georgie Modewarre 14
Sutton, Jesse Ocean Grove 14
Hoskin, Katrina Portarlington 14
Boddington, Jessie Modewarre 14

Club by Club Leader Boards

Smith, Jessica Anglesea 7
Schram, Kate Anglesea 5
Prince, Kimberley Anglesea 5
Burgess, Emily Anglesea 5
Caulfield, Rachel Anglesea 4
Baker, Sophie Anglesea 4
Hobbs, Emma Anglesea 2
Van Berkel, Amy Anglesea 2
Homden, Leah Anglesea 2
Mayne, Chelsea Anglesea 2
Vaughan, Emma Anglesea 1
Hanson, Jess Anglesea 1
Gant, Greta Barwon Heads 9
Frew, Lauren Barwon Heads 8
Ford, Millie Barwon Heads 7
Smith, Darcy Barwon Heads 7
Davidson, Kirstie Barwon Heads 7
Mann, Julia Barwon Heads 6
Joseph, April Barwon Heads 3
Read, Meg Barwon Heads 3
Bainbridge, Steph Barwon Heads 3
Ritchie, Madeleine Drysdale Football Netball Club 8
Taylor, Chelsea Drysdale Football Netball Club 7
Wescott, Renee Drysdale Football Netball Club 4
O’Dowd, Brittany Drysdale Football Netball Club 3
Brunt, Prue Drysdale Football Netball Club 3
Nickal, Jordan Drysdale Football Netball Club 2
Searle, Izzy Drysdale Football Netball Club 2
Elliston, Natasha Drysdale Football Netball Club 1
Garner, Sarah Geelong Amateur 21
Brennan, Grace Geelong Amateur 16
Bish, Jodie Geelong Amateur 13
Morrison, Ashleigh Geelong Amateur 8
Aldridge, Emma Geelong Amateur 6
Gibbons, Kellie Geelong Amateur 6
McAuley, Lauren Geelong Amateur 5
Mallett, Sophie Geelong Amateur 4
Maxwell, Gemma Geelong Amateur 2
Best, Julia Geelong Amateur 1
Gotts, Sheree Modewarre 28
Cameron, Georgie Modewarre 14
Boddington, Jessie Modewarre 14
Dean, Shandelle Modewarre 6
Hobbs, Courtney Modewarre 3
Thom-Boulton, Paige Modewarre 2
Adcock, Megan Rose Modewarre 1
Hobbs, Bridey L Modewarre 1
Morris, Alana Newcomb Power 5
Wingert, Yvette Newcomb Power 3
Freeman, Jessica Newcomb Power 3
Horniblow, Natalie Newcomb Power 2
Dawson, Chelsea M Newcomb Power 2
Freeman, Rennea Newcomb Power 2
Brooks, Jessica Newcomb Power 1
Collett, Kylie Ocean Grove 29
Sutton, Jesse Ocean Grove 14
Skurrie, Alicia Ocean Grove 10
Goodger, Madeline Ocean Grove 7
Carroll, Kim Ocean Grove 7
Binns, Amber Ocean Grove 4
Splatt, Tamara Ocean Grove 4
King, Amina Ocean Grove 3
Geerings, Katie Ocean Grove 3
Cain, Samantha Ocean Grove 1
Hoskin, Katrina Portarlington 14
Marendaz, Louise Portarlington 11
O’Connor, Paula Portarlington 6
McDonald, Claire Portarlington 5
Wilson, Holly Portarlington 4
England, Bridget Portarlington 1
Payne, Georgia Queenscliff 16
Anderson, Jess Queenscliff 14
Wilkins, Isabel Queenscliff 9
Moran, Mia Queenscliff 8
Ferrier, Lucy Queenscliff 3
Botsios, Rebecca Queenscliff 3
Coltish, Alissa Queenscliff 2
Page, Kristiana Queenscliff 2
Bumpstead, Amy Torquay 14
Gangell, Clare Torquay 13
Gangell, Alicia Torquay 11
Wright, Dianne Torquay 7
Dunlop, Kelsey Torquay 5
Campbell, Alexandra Torquay 4
Pritchard, Miranda C Torquay 3
Gray, Georgia Torquay 3
Hayes, Nicole Torquay 2

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