GFNL Netball Summary

On Saturday September 17th 2016 Kardinia Park held the 2016 GFNL Grand Final day. The sun was shining and it was the perfect day for netball.

South Barwon showed their depth in club strength by having 10 out of the possible 11 netball teams playing in Grand Finals on the day.

A Grade Newtown & Chilwell 51 def South Barwon 42

In the A grade Newtown were favorites being undefeated all year. South Barwon took it to Newtown a few times throughout the match, going down by 9 goals. Newtown’s strength in every position on the court just proved how strong they really are. Kathleen Knott (Newtown & Chilwell) goal attack was named best on court for the grand final.

Best for Newtown & Chilwell: Sophie Barr, Amy Wirth & Julia Woolley

Best for South Barwon:


B Grade Colac 41 def South Barwon 39

In the B Grade South Barwon went in to the game the underdog having lost to Colac twice this year. After finishing the first quarter 10 all South Barwon then led Colac until the final quarter. At 3 quarter time South Barwon were up by 7 goals when Colac had a phenomenal last quarter making a 9 goal turn around to defeat South Barwon 41-39. Hope Carmody (Colac) named best on court.

Best for Colac:

Best for South Barwon:


C Grade South Barwon 34 def Newtown & Chilwell 28

South Barwon had a great end to the year finishing 4th on the ladder at the end of the home and away season. Abbey Morgan had the perfect day playing her 200th senior game for South Barwon capping it off with a win and a best on court medal. South Barwon led the entire game coming off with a 6 goal win 28-34.

Best for South Barwon: Leah Sahajdak, Daina Flynn and Ruby Pekin-Schlicht.

Best for Newtown & Chilwell: Tayla Crompton, Tyra Fallon and Bonnie Coburn


D Grade Newtown & Chilwell 32 def South Barwon 29

Newtown were too strong for South Barwon in the D Grade final leading the entire game. Newtown finished the home and away season with 15 wins and 3 draws proving they just don’t give up. Best on court was awarded to Aimee Mellington (Newtown& Chilwell).

Best for Newtown & Chilwell: Patricia Hart, Jessica Henderson & Brydie Harman

Best for South Barwon: Sachi-Mae Demko, Hayley Wilson and Sophie Hart


19/Under South Barwon 20 def St Mary’s 13

There was always a very good chance that St Mary’s would be playing South Barwon in the Under 19 GFNL grand final after both teams finished the home and away season with 17 wins and 1 loss each. It was a low scoring game in the 19 & Under Grand Final with South Barwon defeating St Mary’s 13-20.

Best for St Mary’s: Hannah Plummer, Bonnie-Lee Burley and Meg Ferguson

Best for South Barwon:


17/U Division 1 St Albans 36 def South Barwon 33

St Albans took on South Barwon in the 17/U division 1 grand final. Both teams have quality players with numerous girls playing in senior grades through the year and finals as well. South Barwon led the game with St Albans taking over in the 4th quarter. Sade Stafford (St Albans) goal shooter shot at 100% shooting 25/25 goals. St Albans came away with a 33-30 win to South Barwon. The best on court medal was awarded to South Barwon mid courter Michelle Svetnik.

Best on court for South Barwon: Michelle Svetnik, Rachael Kirtley and Kayla Nicol.

Best on court for St Albans: Georgia Ryan, Sade Stafford and Zoe Saunders


17/U Division 2 South Barwon 36 def Lara 16

South Barwon proved why they were undefeated all year beating Lara in the Grand Final by 20 goals. Lara who finished 4th at the end of the home and away season made their way to the grand final after defeating second place St Mary’s and 3rd placed GWSP in the previous finals. South Barwon led the entire game coming away with a 36-16 goal win. The best on court medal was awarded to Montana Crompton (South Barwon).

Best on court for South Barwon: Montana Crompton, Ella Toone and Isabella Heather.

Best on court for Lara: Chloe White, Emma Rock and Georgia Fairchild.


15/U Division 1 St Mary’s 29 def South Barwon 26

South Barwon were favorites going into the 15/U Division 1 grand final undefeated. While St Mary’s had lost 1 game for the year. St Mary’s proved too strong for South Barwon on the day coming away with a 29-26 goal win. The best on court medal was awarded to Emma Walters (St Marys).

Best on court for South Barwon: Keely Heron, Maddison McKiernan and Tess Campigli.

Best on court for St Mary’s: Emma Walters, Grace Blood and Georgie Cullen


15/U Division 2 Leopold 23 Def St Mary’s 22

Leopold put out a stellar performance in the 15/U Division 2 grand final coming from 3rd at the end of the home and away season to defeat St Mary’s who finished on top with only one loss for the year. St Mary’s defenders did well to try and control Leopold Goal shooter Emma Collins who stands at 6”5 and 14 years of age. The best on court medal was awarded to Leopold Centre court player Casey McFadyen.

Best on court for Leopold: Macey Ivill, Sophie Stanesby and Emma Collins.

Best on court for St Mary’s:


13/U Division 1 South Barwon 35 def Colac 34

It was a great game in the 13/U Division Grand final seeing both teams a draw at the games conclusion. The game was sent to extra time with both teams playing 5 minutes at each end. There were only a couple of goals in it all game which shows the strength of each team. After 5 minutes at each end South Barwon came away with a one goal win 35-34. The best on court medal was awarded to Alannah Sanderson (South Barwon).

Best for South Barwon: Alice Ainsworth, Alannah Sanderson and Kiahna Fallon

Best for Colac: Ruby Kerr, Layla Holt and Zara Walters


13/U Division 2 South Barwon 21 def St Mary’s 16

St Mary’s finished the year undefeated but South Barwon turned the table and were too strong for them on the day. South Barwon led the second half and came away with a 21-16 win. South Barwon defender Olivia Parrott was named best on court.

Best for South Barwon:

Best for St Mary’s: Grace Purcell, Layla Boseley and Charlotte West.

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