GFNL Junior Netball Vote Count Winners

On Tuesday the 30th of August South Barwon played host to the 2016 GFNL and GJN Junior Presentation night. It was the night of nights for junior netball and was great to see all clubs represented. Our 17 & Under best an fairest went to South Barwon’s Michelle Svetnik no stranger to taking out league best and Fairest awards. Michelle has taken out a league best and fairest award in all age groups throughout her juniors and finishes her junior netball with a final league best & fairest. Congratulations to all our GFNL and GJN junior award winners for 2016.

19 & Under Best & Fairest – Karla Payne (St Joseph’s)
19 & Under Runner Up – Sachi-Mae Demko (South Barwon)

17/U Division 1 Best & Fairest – Michelle Svetnik (South Barwon)
17/U Division 1 Runner Up – Maggie Williams (Bell Park)

17/U Division 2 Best & Fairest – Ella Toone (South Barwon)
17/U Division 2 Runner Up – Amy Borchard (Lara)

15/U Division 1 Best & Fairest – Meg Threlfall (St Joseph’s)
15/U Division 1 Runner Up – Emma Walters (St Marys)

15/U Division 2 Best & Fairest – Sophie Boland (South Barwon)
15/U Division 2 Runner Up – Eliza Summerhayes (St Josephs)

13/U Division 1 Best & Fairest – Zara Walters (Colac)
13/U Division 1 Runner Up – Elizabeth Dowling (St Marys)

13/U Division 2 Best & Fairest – Sienna Coco Bruhn (Newtown & Chilwell)
13/U Division 2 Runner Up – Zane Walters (Lara)

13/U Division 3 Best & Fairest – Eden Wilson (St Marys Blue)
13/U Division 3 Runner Up – Alexandra Layton (St Marys Green)

13/U Division 4 Best & Fairest – Bonnie Hockley (Leopold)
13/U Division 4 Runner Up – Olivia Jolly (South Barwon 4)

13/U Division 5 Best & Fairest – Reagan Ahern (St Marys Tornandos)
13/U Division 5 Runner Up – Milla Hefford (Torquay 4)

15/U Division 3 Best & Fairest – Harriet Braley (St Marys Blue)
15/U Division 3 Runner Up – Sienna Crompton (South Barwon)

15/U Division 4 Best & Fairest – Emma Nicols (Bell Park)
15/U Division 4 Runner Up – Tilly Pidgeon (Newtown & Chilwell Black)

15/U Division 5 Best & Fairest – Jemma Dover (Lara)
15/U Division 5 Runner Up – Sally Till (St Marys Stars)

17/U Division 3 Best & Fairest – Jade Powell (Newtown & Chigwell Black)
17/U Division 3 Runner Up – Matilda Day (St Marys Flyers)
17/U Division 3 Runner Up – Claudia Koutsaftis (St Marys Diamonds)
17/U Division 3 Runner Up – Hannah Allgood (St Marys Rockets)

Spirit of Sport Individual Winner – Montana Crompton (South Barwon)
Spirit of Sport Club Winner – Geelong West St Peters

Junior Coach Encouragement Award – Emily Wolfenden-Carey (Leopold)
Junior Trainee Umpire Encourgement Award – Amanda Robertson (St Albans)

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