Full BFNL Award Winners

On top of all the medal winners from the 2019 Ash Medal, there were a host of other award winners from the night. View them all below.

BFL Netball Awards 2019
A Grade Name Club Goals
Best & Fairest Ashlea Salter Geelong Amateur
Runner Up Best & Fairest Rebecca Scott Ocean Grove
Hotshots Rebecca Scott Ocean Grove 697
B Grade
Best & Fairest Sophie Brand Barwon Heads
Runner Up Best & Fairest Meg Cashin Geelong Amateur
Hotshots Emily Hickey Modewarre 469
C Grade
Best & Fairest Rebecca Blair  Drysdale
Runner Up Best & Fairest Heidi Shaw Geelong Amateur
Hotshots Kathy Dunn Drysdale 311
D Grade
Best & Fairest Shereen Wolfe Ocean Grove 
Runner Up Best & Fairest Kari Peart Queenscliff
Hotshots Lauren McAuley Geelong Amateur 368
E Grade
Best & Fairest Ashleigh Williams Barwon Heads
Runner Up Best & Fairest Terri-Anne Finch Ocean Grove 
Runner Up Best & Fairest Constance Smith Ocean Grove
Hotshots Nakeya Mountjoy  Barwon Heads 231
Rookie of the Year Kaitlin Gladman Queenscliff
Netball Club Champion 
Team of the Year
Kim Hammond Modewarre
Rebecca Scott Ocean Grove
Breda O’Kane Geelong Amateur
Mid Court
Ashlea Salter Geelong Amateur
Lauren Berridge Torquay
Joanna Couch Barwon Heads
Hannah Kennedy Drysdale
Keisha Guilmartin Geelong Amateur
Kathryn Vickers Modewarre
Jessica Standfield Torquay
Courtney Cuolahan Torquay



Reserves leading goal kicker: Joel Mirtschin (Drysdale)- 57 goals

Seniors leading goal kicker: Jordan Erskine (Anglesea)- 94 goals

Echo Player of the Year: Daniel Measures (Portarlington)

Football Club Championship: Modewarre

Netball Club Championship: Geelong Amateur

Overall Netball + Football: Torquay

Netball Rookie of the year: Kaitlin Gladman (Queenscliff)

Belmont Stereo Systems Football Rookie of the Year- Weylin Doyle (Torquay)

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