Fenyvesi Wins Cole Medal

Modewarre’s Troy Fenyvesi has taken out the BFL Buckley’s Reserves best and fairest award, winning the Cole Medal by four votes.

Fenyvesi polled 18 votes, clear of Drysdale’s Daniel Tester and Torquay’s Ben Kennedy, who finished in outright third.

The Modewarre star polled two best and grounds in his opening two matches of the season, before getting called up to the senior side. Fenyvesi played rounds 3-6 with the Warriors before returning to the Reserves side in Round 7, and wasted no time picking up where he left off.

He polled all three votes in Round 8, and followed suit in Rounds 13, 14 and 17. Fenyvesi only led by one vote heading into Round 17, but the three votes assured he could not be chased down, with Tester not polling in his Round 17 contest.

Seagull Peter Swinton (11 votes) and Geelong Amateur’s Matthew Cramp (10 votes) rounded out the top five.

See the top 10 leader board and club by club leader boards below.


Troy Fenyvesi Modewarre 18
Daniel Tester Drysdale 14
Ben Kennedy Torquay 12
Peter Swinton Barwon Heads 11
Matthew Cramp Geelong Amateur 10
Tom Balding Geelong Amateur 10
Jordan Carruthers Modewarre 10
Timothy Dahl Barwon Heads 9
Samuel Vagg Portarlington 9
Alan Bladen Torquay 9




Kane Bonner Anglesea 6
Brett Venables Anglesea 3
Jack Haintz Anglesea 3
Ben Hunt Anglesea 2
Christopher Kennedy Anglesea 2
Gregor Teague Anglesea 2
Matthew Kennedy Anglesea 2
Tyron Norman Anglesea 2
Dale Kerr Anglesea 1
Ned Cooper Anglesea 1


Peter Swinton Barwon Heads 11
Timothy Dahl Barwon Heads 9
Timothy Ollis Barwon Heads 5
Andy Walsgott Barwon Heads 4
Tom Cashin Barwon Heads 4
William Simson Barwon Heads 4
Jason Leddin Barwon Heads 3
Samuel Evans Barwon Heads 3
Thomas Perry Barwon Heads 3
William Pelham Barwon Heads 3
Bradley Michell Barwon Heads 2
Joel Heil Barwon Heads 2
Trent Pocock Barwon Heads 2
Matthew Dyer Barwon Heads 1
Matthew Beckwith Barwon Heads 1
Michael Fallon Barwon Heads 1
Scott Michell Barwon Heads 1


Daniel Tester Drysdale 14
Matthew Pigott Drysdale 8
Simon Scott Drysdale 8
Joshua Inglis Drysdale 7
Jordan Wilson Drysdale 6
Jakob Kiddle Drysdale 4
Mitchell Simons Drysdale 3
Nicholas Moriarty Drysdale 3
Shaun Reyment Drysdale 3
Lachlan Inglis Drysdale 2
Rhys Humpage Drysdale 2
Daniel Kerr Drysdale 1
Luke Timmins Drysdale 1
Ryan Gatgens Drysdale 1
Warren Finlayson Drysdale 1


Matthew Cramp Geelong Amateur 10
Tom Balding Geelong Amateur 10
Riley Mattner Geelong Amateur 6
Wade McSparron Geelong Amateur 6
Alistair Burrell Geelong Amateur 5
Zane Coventry Geelong Amateur 5
Jack Jarvis Geelong Amateur 4
Allister Hill Geelong Amateur 3
Austin Sutterby Geelong Amateur 3
Bradley Nankervis Geelong Amateur 3
Joshua Westwood Geelong Amateur 3
Lee Hickey Geelong Amateur 3
Levi West Geelong Amateur 3
William Kelly Geelong Amateur 3
Cameron Young Geelong Amateur 2
Kane Smith Geelong Amateur 2
Liam Cogan Geelong Amateur 2
Peter Street Geelong Amateur 2
Tim Clark Geelong Amateur 2
Timothy Kent Geelong Amateur 2
Angus Macdonald Geelong Amateur 1
Bradley King Geelong Amateur 1
Damon Guy Geelong Amateur 1
Jacob Edwards Geelong Amateur 1


Troy Fenyvesi Modewarre 18
Jordan Carruthers Modewarre 10
Quade Albert Modewarre 7
Jake Hogan Modewarre 4
Michael Hammond Modewarre 4
Bill Hansen Modewarre 3
Justin McPhee Modewarre 3
Matthew Quinn Modewarre 3
Mitchell Collins Modewarre 3
Nicholas Allison Modewarre 3
Daniel Tennant Modewarre 2
Joseph Darker Modewarre 2
Liam Horniblow Modewarre 2
Aaron Collins Modewarre 1
Josh McDonald Modewarre 1


Shaun McNamara Newcomb 6
Mark Etheridge Newcomb 4
Jaidyn Eagle Newcomb 3
Jesse Ward Newcomb 3
Tyler-James Neighbour Newcomb 2


James Wills Ocean Grove 6
Adam Gerdtz Ocean Grove 5
Harrison Foott Ocean Grove 5
Dylan Moroney Ocean Grove 3
Fletcher Sharrock Ocean Grove 3
Ned Thorley Ocean Grove 3
Rhys Hobbs Ocean Grove 3
Jack Brew Ocean Grove 2
James Peers Ocean Grove 2
Julian Bramucci Ocean Grove 2
Ryan Baker Ocean Grove 2
Tom Roberts Ocean Grove 2
Byron Taylor Ocean Grove 1
Cameron Marchbank Ocean Grove 1
Sam Fairway Ocean Grove 1
Tom Hobbs Ocean Grove 1


Samuel Vagg Portarlington 9
Francisco Pavez Portarlington 6
Joshua Bowen Portarlington 4
Dean Jeffrey Portarlington 3
Joel Winberg Portarlington 3
Lachlan Lusher Portarlington 3
Matthew Holschier Portarlington 3
Micheal McNeill Portarlington 3
Mitchell Smith Portarlington 3
Peter Rutherford Portarlington 3
Jon Ansell Portarlington 2
Nathan Cini Portarlington 2
Ethan Wright Portarlington 1
Hayden Smith Portarlington 1
Jake Heard Portarlington 1
Joel Trezise Portarlington 1
Lachlan Fearnsides Portarlington 1
Mark Davis Portarlington 1
Shaun Ward Portarlington 1


Matthew Golightly Queenscliff 7
Dylan Whitley Queenscliff 5
Nathan Merrett Queenscliff 5
Blake Natoli Queenscliff 3
Jarrod Schoonderbeek Queenscliff 3
Raymond Butler Queenscliff 3
Stephen Owen Queenscliff 2
Thomas Caddy Queenscliff 2
Tom Lloyd Queenscliff 2
William Bland Queenscliff 2
Josh Reid Queenscliff 1


Ben Kennedy Torquay 12
Alan Bladen Torquay 9
Curtis Dawson Torquay 9
Max Allen Newling Torquay 9
Roscoe Holmes Torquay 8
Michael Lewis Torquay 7
David Allitt Torquay 5
Jake Powell Torquay 5
Max Hurley Torquay 5
Raegan Clarke Torquay 4
Levi Dawson Torquay 3
Lyle Priest Torquay 3
Matthew Deledio Torquay 3
Zac Newling Torquay 3
Connor Williamson Torquay 2
Matthew Sprigg Torquay 2
Peter MacDonald Torquay 2
Troy Bird Torquay 2
MacKenzie Burns Torquay 1
Mark Robb Torquay 1
Tyler Lovell Torquay 1

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