Torquay Star Blows Field Away to Claim Second Ash Medal

Torquay midfielder James Darke has claimed his second Ash Medal this evening at the BFL vote count, storming clear of all rivals to take out the award.

Following his maiden Ash Medal in 2014, Darke collected the BFL’s highest honor for 2017 by 13 votes over Ocean Grove star James Linton (18 votes) and Anglesea’s Jackson Bews (17 votes).

Despite not polling in four out his last six games, it mattered not as Darke’s consistent performances meant he could never be chased down. The Tigers star collected an incredible eight best on ground votes during the count.

Darke also collected votes in each of his first eight games, as his Torquay side started the year in strong fashion.

A Torquay junior, Darke crossed to St Albans in the GFL after winning his first Ash Medal, and was with the SuperSaints for two seasons before crossing back to Torquay for the 2017 season.

Ocean Grove’s Brent Macleod made a strong impression in his first year as a Grubber, finishing with 17 votes. Anglesea midfielder Ryan Williams and Daniel Sturzaker of Modewarre both finished with 16 votes to round out the top 5.

TOP 10 Leader Board

James Darke Torquay 31
James Linton Ocean Grove 18
Jackson Bews Anglesea 17
Brent Macleod Ocean Grove 17
Ryan Williams Anglesea 16
Daniel Sturzaker Modewarre 16
Tyson Macilwain Barwon Heads 14
Baden Dodd Geelong Amateur 13
Regan Grimwood Queenscliff 13
Timothy Wight Barwon Heads 11

Club-By-Club Leader Boards



Jackson Bews Anglesea 17
Ryan Williams Anglesea 16
Ryan Dahlhaus Anglesea 5
Dale Carson Anglesea 4
Dyson Bell-Warren Anglesea 4
Hayden Foss Anglesea 2
Kyle Pickett Anglesea 2
Samuel Leeds Anglesea 2


Tyson Macilwain Barwon Heads 14
Timothy Wight Barwon Heads 11
Zedekai Copland Barwon Heads 7
Cameron O’Leary Barwon Heads 5
Dylan Holland Barwon Heads 5
Matthew Dyer Barwon Heads 5
Bradley Michell Barwon Heads 3
Braeden Eddy Barwon Heads 3
Bryn Weadon Barwon Heads 3
Mitchell Herbison Barwon Heads 3
Wayne Barrett Barwon Heads 3
Adam Wiseman Barwon Heads 2
Edward Mitchell Barwon Heads 2
Jason Kerby Barwon Heads 2
Robert Wallace Barwon Heads 2
Samuel Evans Barwon Heads 2
Connor McKinnon Barwon Heads 1
Corey Enright Barwon Heads 1


Damian Hoare Drysdale 11
Daniel Jull Drysdale 9
Joshua Rushton Drysdale 4
Mathew Hebbard Drysdale 4
Charlie Woodford Drysdale 3
Joshua Hopgood Drysdale 3
Ben Ryan Drysdale 2
Adrian Robinson Drysdale 1
Mitchell Scott Drysdale 1


Baden Dodd Geelong Amateur 13
Mitchell Day Geelong Amateur 11
Hamish Dahl Geelong Amateur 10
Jarrod Young Geelong Amateur 9
Blake Sutterby Geelong Amateur 8
Benjamin Bucovaz Geelong Amateur 6
Ben Lavars Geelong Amateur 4
Hugh Hunter Geelong Amateur 4
Bradley King Geelong Amateur 3
Chris Kangars Geelong Amateur 3
Jarrod Westwood Geelong Amateur 3
Daniel Ladgrove Geelong Amateur 2
Matthew Walsh Geelong Amateur 2
Joshua Westwood Geelong Amateur 1


Daniel Sturzaker Modewarre 16
Jeremy Ollis Modewarre 9
Joshua Finch Modewarre 9
Joshua Bouwman Modewarre 5
Thomas Worpel Modewarre 4
Luke Forbes Modewarre 3
Matthew Farrelly Modewarre 3
Troy Anderson Modewarre 3
Brodie Adcock Modewarre 2
Nic Clarke Modewarre 2
Jacob Clark Modewarre 1
Matthew Palmer Modewarre 1
Mitchell Hough Modewarre 1
Scott Driscoll Modewarre 1
Troy Fenyvesi Modewarre 1


Matthew Walson Newcomb 3
Paul Kenelley Newcomb 3
David Sanzaro Newcomb 2
Ezei Go Newcomb 2
Jaidyn Eagle Newcomb 2
Bradley Wood Newcomb 1
Jack Hudson Newcomb 1
Joshua Wilson Newcomb 1
Shane O’Connell Newcomb 1


James Linton Ocean Grove 18
Brent Macleod Ocean Grove 17
Matthew Caldow Ocean Grove 6
Kaiden Long Ocean Grove 4
Jake Carmody Ocean Grove 3
Patrick West Ocean Grove 3
Andrew Jarvis Ocean Grove 2
Daniel Maloney Ocean Grove 2
Corey Walter Ocean Grove 1
Patrick Maloney Ocean Grove 1


Kym Jones Portarlington 6
Nick O’Neill Portarlington 6
Cameron Millward Portarlington 3
Paul Davis Portarlington 3
Jacob Foot Portarlington 1
Joel Trezise Portarlington 1


Regan Grimwood Queenscliff 13
Thomas Limb Queenscliff 8
Jake Hedley Queenscliff 7
Daniel Gibbs Queenscliff 6
Jayden Durran Queenscliff 4
Alexander Simpson Queenscliff 3
Blake Natoli Queenscliff 3
Jonathon Casey Queenscliff 3
Jason Graham Queenscliff 2
Justin Maher Queenscliff 2
Benjamin Price Queenscliff 1
Cormac Cashin Queenscliff 1
Michael Randone Queenscliff 1
Niklas Orvis Queenscliff 1


James Darke Torquay 31
Paul McMahon Torquay 11
Dominic Gleeson Torquay 5
Aaron Nesbitt Torquay 4
Ben Raidme Torquay 4
Joshua Hovey Torquay 4
Billy Henderson Torquay 3
Jesse Dawson Torquay 3
Joshua Gray Torquay 3
Scott Hughes Torquay 3
Thomas Diamond Torquay 3
Zachary Hopper Torquay 3
David Allitt Torquay 2
Liam McGlashan Torquay 2
Roscoe Holmes Torquay 2
Tom Cole Torquay 2
William Barnes Torquay 2
Kane Quinlan Torquay 1

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