BFNL Preview Round 6

04 May 2016

Modewarre vs Drysdale

Questions marks surround both clubs. Both have shown promise and glimpses of top-level form, but can either sustain it? The Warriors matched it with the Tigers for a half before slumping to a 47- point loss. While the Hawks were the real disappointment. After knocking off Ammos a week earlier,  it failed to back up its brilliant display, going down to Portarlington on Anzac Day.

Last time they met: Round 10, 2015. Modewarre 10.7 (67) def Drysdale 8.11 (59)

Prediction: Drysdale by 3 points.

Barwon Heads vs Ocean Grove

Barwon Heads suffered its first loss of the season against Queenscliff, and consequently also lost top spot to the Coutas. The Seagulls will be eager to not only bounce back from the loss, after an average three week period. It faces Ocean Grove, in the Battle of the Bridge, who has plenty to prove. It sits in the top five, but with its three wins against bottom four clubs. It will need to lift against Barwon Heads.

Last time they met: Semi final, 2015. Barwon Heads 10.8 (68) def Ocean Grove 4.16 (40)

Prediction: Barwon Heads by 39 points.

Portarlington vs Geelong Amateur

The Demons are fresh off a confidence building Anzac Day win. Portarlington delivered a gritty performance to claim a four-point win. Although attention would’ve quickly turned to this critical match-up with the reigning premier. Geelong Amateur got the job done over Anglesea, but concede it’s not running on all cylinders – look out when they do.

Last time they met: Round 15, 2015. Geelong Amateur 29.22 (196) def Portarlington 6.8 (44)

Prediction: Geelong Amateur by 54 points.

Queenscliff vs Newcomb

Queenscliff has risen to the top of the ladder following its 36-point win over Barwon Heads. The Coutas have now had impressive wins over Geelong Amateur, Barwon Heads and Anglesea. It hosts Newcomb, who continues to struggle. The winless Newcomb managed just 2.9 last weekend, its lowest score for the season.

Last time they met: Round 16, 2015. Queenscliff 37.28 (250) def Newcomb 4.5 (29)

Prediction: Queenscliff by 137 points.

Torquay vs Anglesea

Anglesea knows where it wants t get to and that’s rubbing shoulders with the likes of Torquay. It has failed to take it right up to Queenscliff and Geelong Amateur over the past fortnight; it has another chance to translate aspiration into action this weekend. After its 0-2 start, Torquay has strung together three wins in a row, it’s now third on the ladder and looking primed for another great year.

Last time they met: Round 13, 2015. Torquay 14.7 (91) def Anglesea 9.7 (61)

Prediction: Torquay by 32 points.

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